Mutsamudu-Sima Road in Anjouan Comoros (30 km)

Mutsamudu-Sima Road in Anjouan Comoros (30 km)



Anjuan/Union of Comoros


Ministry of Spatial Planning
and Urban Development

Completion Date:


The Project is an emergency project to rehabilitate the road and to remedy the damage that has occurred on the network and to adapt it to international standards.

The main objective of the Project is to contribute to the reduction of poverty by maintaining the main structural axes of the Comoros Islands, for the benefit of the populations concerned and the preservation of internal economic exchanges.

The specific objectives of the project are:

·Restore and secure the conditions of transport of people and goods;

Reduce people's vulnerability to future natural disasters

Description of Actual Services are; 

  •  Phase 1: Review of existing studies, make a detailed critical analysis of existing studies to enable the implementation of the schemes included in the works contract. Prepare tender documents and organize tender stage as per SFD Guidelines, provide assistance to the Client for the opening of bids and submit bids evaluation report to the Client, provide assistance to conduct Contract negotiations with the awarded contractor. And facilitate the contract signing process with the contractor.
  • Phase 2: Monitoring and supervision of works, up to the final completion